WANG Qun-ying,WANG Ji-de,ZHONG Shi-shun,et al.Effects of catalase on the mitochondria and apoptosis of SW480 cells[J].Journal of Southern Medical University,2004,(12):1419-1421.





Effects of catalase on the mitochondria and apoptosis of SW480 cells
王群英 王继德 钟世顺 王亚东 孙勇 李良仁 张亚历
南方医科大学, 南方医院全军消化内科研究所, 广东, 广州, 510515
WANG Qun-ying WANG Ji-de ZHONG Shi-shun WANG Ya-dong SUN Yong LI Liang-ren ZHANG Ya-li
Institute for Digestive Diseases of PLA, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou 510515, China
catalaselipopolysaccharidemitochondriaapoptosisnuclear factor κB
目的 观察过氧化氢酶(CAT)对SW480细胞线粒体形态、细胞凋亡的影响及细胞内核转录因子(NF)κB表达的变化。方法 用脂多糖(LPS)刺激SW-480细胞,再用过氧化氢酶预孵育和治疗;应用透射电镜观察各组细胞内线粒体形态和细胞凋亡的变化;采用免疫组织化学方法检测细胞内NF-κB的表达水平。结果 经过过氧化氢酶预孵后,细胞凋亡明显减少,线粒体损伤减轻,同时NF-κB的表达较LPS组和治疗组明显降低(P<0.01),但较正常对照组仍明显增加。结论 CAT对SW480细胞的致炎因子刺激后的应激反应有保护作用,能减少细胞的凋亡和线粒体的损伤,这一作用可能与NF-κB的激活有关。
Objective To investigate the effects of catalase on the mitochondria and apoptotic behavior of SW480 cells treated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS), and the changes in intracellular expression of nuclear factor κB (NF-κB). Methods LPS-stimulated SW480 cells were treated with catalase and the changes in their mitochondria and apoptotic behavior were observed by transmission electron microscopy. The expression of NF-κB was detected by immunohistochemical method. Results Mitochondria damages and apoptosis were slightly diminished in the LPS-stimulated cells with catalase pretreatment, and the NF-κB expression was also decreased. Conclusion Catalase protect the mitochondria of SW480 cells from damages by LPS and inhibit the cell apoptosis, possibly due to the activation of NF-κB.


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