Journal of Southern Medical University (ISSN 1673-4254, eISSN 2663-0842,CN44-1627/R), established in 1981, is a top comprehensive medical periodical distributed monthly to its readers home and abroad. The Journal has been indexed and abstracted by PubMed, PubMed Central(PMC),Chemical Abstracts (CA), Excepta Media (EMBASE), and almost all the Chinese science and technical index systems, including Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), and A Guide to the Core Journals of China (GCJC, published by Peking University Library in 2017).

  Journal of Southern Medical University has been awarded “One of One Hundred Outstanding Academic Journals in China”, the top honor prize for Chinese science and technology journals, for seven consecutive years, and its most recent impact factor is 1.76. The Journal’s comprehensive evaluation score ranks the first among all Chinese medical university journals and the first among all academic journals in Guangdong province. According to the Annual Report on International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals, Journal of Southern Medical University ranks top 5 among those Chinese academic journals that entertain outstanding international influence, its academic quality and influence is higher than many English periodicals indexed by SCI and has the academic influence equivalent to that of a SCI medium journal.

覃桂城,林晓吟,梁培彬,李艳鹏,周 春,Kutty Selva Nandakumar,Rikard Holmdahl
谢维当,朱世杰,刘亚楠,白煜佳,傅卫军,陈 辉,陈仲清,张建武
胡彤彤,龚泽龙,万 宇,李煜彬,高雪锋,伦静娴,黄胜和,曹 虹